Bari, Italy 1875

3rd Generation Jeweler

Altobelli Jewelers and Appraisal Services is owned and operated by Cosmo (Cos) Altobelli, an expert and legend in the jewelry industry in the Los Angeles area for decades.Mr. Altobelli provides top of the line jewelry appraisals utilizing both his rare talents and his many years of experience while appraising your rare gemstones and other pieces of fine jewelry.

He also can help you sell your gold. He continues to be one of the nation‘s leading expert witnesses, providing expert testimony in many high profile cases. Cos is also a published author. His landmark book The Practical Guide to Jewelry Appraisals continues to sell today. Mr. Altobelli is also a sought after lecturer, keynote speaker and has won numerous awards in the world of jewelry.His business also includes repairing jewelry, watches, in addition to designing and redesigning your personal precious possessions.

Cos Altobelli was honored by the American Gem Society at their meeting in San Francisco, in which a memorial library was established with his name in Las Vegas.