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When you need a professional appraisal for your fine jewelry, the appraisal must be performed by a certified appraisal professional, not just a gemologist. A certified appraiser knows the requirements of federal and state laws.

Mr. Altobelli is not only a certified appraiser of gemstones and jewelry, in 1983 he helped to develop the formal appraisal education program which is now recognized throughout the world. He was the first person to receive the prestigious Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) title by the American Gem Society, and since then he has certified over 700 appraisers in the US and Canada. He received the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) designation. His titles include Graduate Gemologist and Certified Gemologist Appraiser. “Appraisals are my first love,” he says, and he has been performing them for over fifty-five years.

1. Estate – For tax liability purposes when the value exceeds $5,000.
2. Insurance – To ASSURE replacement of equal quality and VALUE.
3. Comparison – To verify identity and quality claimed by a 3rd party.
4. Divorce – For settlement – to appraise property for fair market value.
5. Estimate to Replace – Determines values of items that are lost or stolen.
6. Damage – Weight loss from a damaged stone or loss of value.
7. Collateral – For obtaining a loan.
8. Donation/Gift – For tax deduction based on IRS regulations.
9. Customs – To prove item was not purchased in a foreign country.
10. Casualty Loss – For tax deduction NOT covered by insurance.
11. Conservatorship – To determine estate value.
12. Distribution of Property – With a will – Prohibits arguing over estate.
13. Proof of Ownership – Provide positive ID when items are recovered.