Buying diamonds is probably one of the blinder purchases a person can make, because a consumer cannot really discern what he or she is getting just by looking at it. That’s why the credentials, expertise and integrity of your jeweler are so important.

Most retail establishments, commonly in the business of buying and selling diamonds will give you the weight, color and clarity of a diamond, but do not offer any information concerning the symmetry and polish. This last element is critically important, since a diamond will appear “lifeless” and have little brilliance and dispersion without proper proportions and finish. A diamond’s importance should be placed more on its ability to show “fire” than most of its’ colorless counterparts. It actually has as much influence on the price and value of a diamond as do the color and clarity.

In purchasing a diamond from anyone, it would be wise to ask for a document which explains what the grades are, including color, clarity, cut and the weight. It should also have a statement which allows for a FULL refund in the event a recognized appraiser or laboratory determines that the diamond is not what it is purported to be. Many retail establishments will “exchange” a diamond if there is a controversy, but will not make a refund. This creates a problem in that you may never get a diamond that is what it’s supposed to be!