Your watch “ticks” 432,000 times a day and marks 31,536,000 seconds a year!

It is recommended that your watch be serviced every three years. Consider a watch much like your car. It needs regular servicing. Even though the watch may be well-cased, it is important dirt and moisture from entering the movement as oils dry out every few years.

Battery Replacements
Case & Band – We have a selection of watch bands, from rubber sport bands to fine leather straps to metal watch bands.
We can also procure name brand watch straps and parts.
Most band adjustments are also done while you wait.
Chronograph Repair
Crystal Replacements
Dial Refinishing
Pocket Repeater Repair
Pocket Watch Repair

Clean and Overhaul

First the movement is removed from the case and both are examined for any defects. The dial and hands are removed for examining that side of the movement for rust and any other needs. Next, the movement is carefully disassembled, checking all the parts. All of the component parts are placed in an ultrasonic cleaning machine containing a special solution. After cleaning and drying, the movement is reassembled, oiled and electronically timed for accuracy. The movement is then placed into the case, which has been polished. The bracelet, if there is one, is also polished. If it is a self-winding (automatic) watch, the final check happens on a special machine called a cyclotest which simulates the watch being worn on the wrist. It is tested on this machine for 48 hours.

Caution: Parts for antique watches and pocket watches can be scarce.

Don’t delay–Let’s get that treasured time piece back to working order now.